Letter-writing Standards, Sample & Resources

  • All letters written on behalf of The Cridge Centre for the Family or any Cridge program
    • must be printed on official Cridge or program letterhead
    • must conform to accepted standards for professional letter template (see this sample) and writing standards
    • must include The Cridge Centre logo and MAY include the program icon as well
  • No letters may be printed on Cridge or program letterhead for personal use
  • Font size should be no smaller than 11 and no larger than 14
  • Only basic serif and san serif fonts are acceptable. (For example, Times New Roman, Georgia, Arial or Tahoma)
  • Handwriting fonts, cartoon fonts, etc are NOT professional and shall not be used in letters (For example, Comic Sans)

If you have any questions about how to write a professional letter, please contact Shannon at swhissell@cridge.org for help.

There are also some great professional writing resources on the internet:

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