Welcome to The Second Chance Cafe, a heartwarming initiative led by our Cridge Brain Injury Program, nestled within the Cedar Hill Recreation Centre and supported in partnership with Saanich Parks and Recreation. Much more than just a cafe, this social enterprise is staffed entirely by survivors of brain injury, providing them with a unique opportunity to rebuild their lives.

At The Second Chance Cafe, our dedicated team of survivors is not only crafting delicious meals but also expanding their skill sets through specialized cooking classes. This empowering experience serves as a stepping stone for these resilient individuals to reintegrate into the workplace, offering a supportive environment that fosters growth and healing.

Join us in supporting this meaningful venture where every cup of coffee and bite to eat contributes to the journey of those who have overcome adversity. Discover the heartwarming stories behind each dish and be a part of a community that believes in second chances.

The Second Chance Cafe is open Monday-Friday from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm.