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Chef’s Corner: Apple & Celery Turkey Sliders

Fresh, crisp, and fun – what more could you want in a weekend meal? This take on the slider trend makes use of lean ground turkey and the snap of apple and celery. Apple and Celery Turkey Sliders  Yield: makes about 20 small patties 1 kg ground turkey mixed 100 ml green onions chopped 200 […]

Can we talk about your will?

This week – March 31 through April 5 – has been declared Make A Will Week by the British Columbia Ministry of Justice. Making a will is one of those potentially uncomfortable adult tasks that we often want to avoid, yet having a valid will is the best way to ensure that the people and […]

I am wearing orange because …

Since July 2012 staff and clients of The Cridge Centre for the Family have participated in Orange Day, a global initiative of the UN Women, that takes place on the 25th day of each month. This month, on March 25th, we are taking on the challenge to ‘Orange our community’ and spread the Orange Day message […]

Fun, Family, Food and New Friends

As we mentioned earlier this week, we had the distinct and unusual pleasure on Sunday of celebrating the birthday of Kendrick Sampson, along with his co-workers who are in town filming the TV series “Gracepoint”  (note: this link is to an excellent fan page, not the official website). The afternoon was, in short, wonderful. Respitality […]

Wasn’t That a Party!

Sometimes someone comes along in life who seems to live to put a smile on other people’s faces. In our recent experience, Kendrick Sampson is one such person. A charming, handsome actor working in Victoria for a few months, Kendrick could easily skate through life on his good looks and rising celebrity, but that’s simply […]

Dovetail Story: From Broken Hearts to Strong Hearts

Valentine’s Day can be a particularly challenging time for women who are rebuilding their lives after abuse. Society’s focus is so intensely focused on romantic love, especially during the month of February, and women can easily feel isolated from the celebrations. The staff of The Cridge Dovetail Services has embraced Valentine’s Day as an opportunity […]

Bill’s Story: A Novel Recovery

Story By Janelle Breese-Biagioni William (Bill) Cawker is a father and grandfather with a newly developed passion for writing. Bill is also a brain injury survivor. He is a twin and was born prematurely and needed to have open heart surgery at 5 weeks of age. He has spent most of his life dealing with […]

Chef’s Corner: Frozen Strawberry Mousse

You’ve had a lovely quiet evening. Maybe you had a delicious dinner of Greek Style Chicken for 2 to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Now you’re ready to finish it off with a light, luxurious touch. What could be better than frozen mousse in a heart-shaped mold, maybe drizzled with a little melted chocolate? Of course, we’ve […]