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Safety for Kate

Kate knew she was in trouble when Mike threatened her with his fist. He felt frustrated and on edge; the children had been crying. Making things worse, Mike’s violent behaviour had been escalating since Kate’s last pregnancy. The loss of income and fewer community supports as a result of the pandemic were hard on their […]

Love Your Brain Yoga for Brain Injury Survivors

Meghan Kelly is a survivor of brain injury. She graduated from The Cridge Brain Injury Services – Transitional Housing with Supports Program (Mary Cridge Manor) back in Oct 2019. During her time at Mary Cridge Manor, Meghan participated in Love Your Brain (LYB) Yoga class offered in our community – together with a few fellow […]

Gratitude Amidst the Grey

Today when I look out the window, I see heavy rain and grey clouds. It is rather dismal. But in a lovely juxtaposition, I have a beautiful bouquet of bright flowers in front of the window that provides a bright spot of colour and light. It’s been that kind of year, hasn’t it? There has […]

Burning Love Designs

The Cridge Centre for the Family’s Brain Injury Services is proud to share a new initiative for brain injury survivors. Burning Love Designs is delighted to have the opportunity to offer brain injury survivors a solution to finding more creative, cognitive and beneficial projects to engage while also being employed part-time.  All employees have fairly […]

When Help is Hard to Ask For

A mom recently contacted us in need of support and who had struggled to reach out in the past. She has been the only parent to her son with autism since he was born while also trying to help a sibling with a mental health diagnosis. She’s done it all, with no other support. This […]

Childcare In The Time Of COVID-19

As you are undoubtedly aware, COVID-19 presented us all with tremendous obstacles back in March and through the spring. I’d like to tell you a bit about how we weathered the storm and hopefully rose to the challenge. In mid-March, we were collectively reeling with the fact that the pandemic had reached us and was […]

Brain Injury at The Cridge Centre and in Our Community

The Cridge Centre for the Family’s involvement in the field of brain injury started in 1988 with Macdonald House, a 10-bed residence for the brain injury survivors. During these 32 years, over 50 survivors have called Macdonald House home. We believe we have been and are successful in the support that we provide. Unfortunately, there […]

YPOP Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Ten years ago, our Cridge supported daycare at Vic High (Higgins House) was faced with insurmountable challenges – no space and no funding. Vic High needed the daycare space for its expansion. The Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) decided to stop funding support daycares. Higgins House had to close. But The Cridge was […]