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Finding a path forward: The Cridge Centre designs program for survivors of intimate partner-inflicted brain injuries

Rosa stared blankly at the immigration paperwork spread across the motel nightstand. The government wanted names, dates, status numbers and attachments. She thought to herself that, in theory, this portion of the immigration process should be easier than leaving her home country of Vietnam. But this part of the process would require scanning and searching […]

Intimate partner violence and brain injury: the invisible disability meets the silent pandemic.

Brain Injury Awareness month brings a spotlight to The Cridge Centre for the Family’s trailblazing work in supporting survivors of brain injury and intimate partner violence. The statistics above have not included the following survivors of a brain injury. 1 in 4 women in Canada will experience intimate partner violence (IPV) in their lifetime. It […]

Helmet Head or Hospital Bed

June is Brain Injury Awareness Month in Canada. Sadly, 452 Canadians suffer a serious traumatic brain injury every day. This amounts to nearly one person every 3 minutes, equaling almost 165,000 serious brain injuries per year. A challenging reality in regard to these brain injuries is that over 90% are preventable. The first week of […]

Melissa’s Story

There’s one Christmas Day that Melissa will never forget. It was the early ‘90s, and Melissa, a mother to two young children, received a Christmas gift she had dreamed of for years: to watch her children enjoy a safe and happy Christmas morning. “Our first experience with The Cridge Centre was Christmas,” she recalls. “The […]

Visitors in The Cridge Village Seniors’ Centre!

We were delighted (and shortly after that, overwhelmed) by Dr. Henry’s announcement that residents could now have more than one designated visitor, starting April 1. With one-week notice, a flurry of Zoom meetings with Island Health, policy and procedure writing began. Forms for residents needed to be completed with the lists of family and friends […]

Preventing Hunger Together

Canada is one of the most economically productive nations in the world.  However, 1 in 8 Canadian households is food insecure, amounting to 4.5 million people, including more than 1.2 million children.  Across the country, hunger, malnutrition and poverty hide in plain sight. Households led by single moms and refugee families are especially vulnerable, and […]

You Matter!

“Your kindness spoke: YOU MATTER!” This powerful line was written by a Cridge Dovetail resident to the Christmas hamper donor who supported her and her children this holiday season. This quote speaks to the incredible impact the community support has on women’s minds and hearts rebuilding their lives after abuse. “You Matter” means that there […]