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Christmas 1955 at The Home

by Monica Hammond The Ladies’ Committee kept notes of everything that was going on at The Home. Things were especially busy around Christmas. In 1955, the Shrine Band gave a Christmas concert at The Home. They brought a toy and a candy for each child. The B.C. Telephone Co. gave gifts for the tree, and […]

A Butchart Experience

by Candace Stetch This year 22 women from The Cridge Dovetail Program headed out to the Butchart Gardens. What a wonderful gift to arrive at the gate, and be ushered through with complimentary passes! Some women had  never been to Butchart Gardens, while others had been last Christmas. There was much chatter during the van […]

Government House shares Christmas with The Home

by Monica Hammond The time around Christmas was special at the British Columbia Protestant Orphans’ Home. Food, decorations and donations were always in abundance around Christmas. Many service clubs, like the Elks Lodge, the Junior Chamber of Commerce, the Harmony Club, the Salvation Army and the Shrine Club, took part. Even now The Cridge Centre […]

Changed Lives at Cridge Transition House for Women

by Marlene Goley Our “No wrong door” approach sometimes just means hanging in there with a woman at Cridge Transition House for Women. Recently, we had a woman and her two children staying with us – I’ll call her Ramona.  Ramona’s husband and the father of her children, was frightening and dangerous.  Ramona had endured […]

A Special Christmas Gift in 1909

by Monica Hammond “In December 1909, the Home received a generous gift from Mr. J.M. Britton, a Seattle man who had made money in timber on Vancouver Island’s West Coast.” Mr. Britton told Mr. Ross, the owner of the food store Dixi Ross & Co to “go ahead and fix them [the orphans] up a […]

The First Building Project 1883

by Monica Hammond In 1881, the orphanage building needed repairs. Its roof was re-shingled and other repairs were done, at a cost of $50. This was a lot of money in those days. For example, it cost $50 to care for one orphan for six months in 1881. The building was wearing out, and could […]

The Children’s Schedule

by Monica Hammond At the BC Protestant Children’s Home, a set schedule meant that the children’s lives flowed as smoothly as possible from one day to the next. The children got up no later than 7:00 a.m. during the summer, and 7:30 during the winter. Breakfast was at 8:00 (8:30 during the winter), and cleaning […]

A Woman Helped

Candace Stretch: Assistant Manager of Women’s Services I had a call from Sophie, a woman desperate for help as she supported a friend who is at high risk of violence at the hands of her partner. Sophie was so worried about her friend that she called police, victim services, and several women-serving agencies. Essentially she […]

Rules of The Home

by Monica Hammond As the number of children being cared for grew, the people running The Home realized that a strict set of rules was needed. By the mid 1880s, a list of 21 rules governed the children’s behaviour. The children were to be taught the 3 R’s along with sewing and general household affairs. […]

Our Moving Hero

by Marlene Goley & Candace Stretch Most women staying at Cridge Transition House are not able to move back into the homes they left behind. Even if the abuser has moved out, it is often not safe or financially possible for women to go back. We all know that moving is stressful- but moving after […]