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A Child’s Tour of Our Cridge Neighbourhood

A Cridge Dovetail Story by Candace Stretch, Manager of Supportive Housing & Family Services Recently one of our tenants needed some childcare for her 10 year old daughter, Mina, while she attended an appointment. All of the Dovetail support workers were busy in appointments with their clients at that time, and I had a few hours […]

Why didn’t I do this sooner??

By Sarah Smith, Manager of Seniors’ Services Often people put off moving into Assisted Living because of preconceived notions of what it is like, or because of remembered visits to seniors in “nursing homes” and the assumption that they are the same. The overwhelming response after our resident’s move in is “why didn’t I do […]

Let’s just do it, OK?

by Marlene Goley, Manager of Cridge Transition House for Women and Outreach Services For Beata, our Cridge Transition House Outreach Worker, the “no wrong door” approach can translate into, “Let’s just do it, okay?” Beata has been working with a woman for many months who had so many set-backs, she was ready to just give […]

Baking Brings Inspiration

The Cridge Transition House for Women brings together women and children from many backgrounds, experiences and life styles. Making it all work is really a leap of faith. It turns out that leaping in faith can have some pretty awesome results. Not so long ago, a woman staying at the transition really liked to bake […]

Success after Brain Injury: Kevin

Kevin sustained an acquired brain injury from a fall in 2009.  As a result, he experiences physical stiffness and cognitive challenges. Kevin does have good insight into his limitations and he works hard to pace himself accordingly. Kevin will not allow his brain injury to hold him back. He does have struggles, but everyday he […]

The Joy of Respitality

By Candace Stretch, Manager of Supportive Housing and Family Services The Cridge Respitality Program is a fantastic example of how the community can come together, with joy, to support families in need. Each month, 20-30 exhausted parents of children with special needs and mental health challenges get to experience the break of an overnight stay […]

Computer Mentor for Seniors

By Alison Chamberlain Misha comes into the Seniors’ Centre weekly to be a computer mentor to our seniors. He assists staff in providing technological assistance to the seniors in the building. Whether it is the senior’s own laptop, computer, iPad, smart phone, printer or other piece of technology, he is booked by half hour sessions […]

Clients becoming Volunteers

By Tori Woodford  (Community Program Coordinator with Cridge Brain Injury Services) Sometimes our clients become some of our most dedicated and passionate volunteers. We strongly encourage our clients to give back and share their stories, passions, and gifts with others. This comes out in various volunteer opportunities our clients participate in. Some examples include: Jumbles/Comic Cards: […]

Gifts that give wholeness

Michelle is the owner of a local gift shop that has faithfully donated their unsold merchandise to The Cridge for many years. This merchandise has been distributed to tenants of Cridge housing (women fleeing intimate partner violence and immigrant/refugee families) , as well as clients of our Cridge Transition House outreach in the community. Recently, Michelle stepped […]

Garth Homer Volunteers

Twice a week three Garth Homer Adult Day Program clients, who are adults living with developmental disabilities, visit the Seniors’ Center with an aide. On these two visits each week they run activity programs for the Seniors such as Wii Bowling, Dice and Bingo. They have been involved in crafts, decorating and social visits as […]