No – this is not a lesson in Algebra (PHEW!). Rather, this is an opportunity for you to think about what Ts you have in your life.

Let me explain. When it comes to engaging in community work, we often think in terms of: Time, Talent and Treasure. How can my volunteer time be of value to a community? What talents do I have that might be useful for an organization? How much of my treasure can I give to support work in my community?

Recently, a new T has been added: Ties. We all know that sometimes WHO you know is more useful than WHAT you know. So — who do you know that might be able to help push a project forward? Or someone whose values align with an organization? Or maybe you know a business owner who could partner with a community program? How can you leverage your connections to strengthen your community?

As an organization that has many programs, needs and engagement in the community, The Cridge Centre is always looking to develop TIES with our community.

For example, our Respitality program provides supports and opportunities for families with children who are differently abled. We have over 750 families in this program and only enough resources for about 350. That means many families are not getting the full benefit of our program simply because we have nothing to offer them.

What are we looking for? Gift cards for: restaurants, attractions, family activities, recreation centres, gas, car detailing, spas, massage, groceries etc etc.

Do you – or someone you know – have access to these types of services? We would love to form relationships with business owners who can provide regular life-giving opportunities for our families to enjoy.

Think about what kinds of Ties you have in your network – and if any of them might be excellent connections for The Cridge Centre and the people we serve.

If you have Ties to share, please contact Joanne at jlinka@cridge.org

Photo by Athena from Pexels