Our Cridge Childcare Experience

Being told you are number 19 on the waiting list for childcare is not news any parent wants to hear 6 months before you need it. As panic and oh-my-what-are-we-going-to-do-now set in, a friend suggested we look into The Cridge Centre for the Family, and in September 2013, our son started in the School Age Care program. His/our experience was so much better than we could have hoped. There are amazing programs that fully engage and teach. The inevitable issues that come with children were handled promptly, gently, and discreetly. He had fun while we had peace of mind. Four years later, in September 2017, his sister began attending, and he has moved on to the LIT program.

Of course, great activities don’t happen without great people. The leaders genuinely care about the kids and seem to have just as much fun. Theme weeks like Marvel, outer space and dinosaurs, Cridge Carnival and, of course, the most anticipated summer trip to Youbou are just a few examples of the great activities our kids have enjoyed.

Turns out, being told you are number 19 on the waitlist can be one of the best things to happen. Thank you, The Cridge Centre, for the amazing 10 years and counting.

Photo by Myles Tan on Unsplash