Messages of Gratitude

The Communications and Fund Development department usually shares stories from all the programs – delighting in their successes and championing their work. What an honour to be the storyteller for all the amazing work that goes on here!

However, this month we want to tell a story of our own. January is a month of humbling generosity. We receive donations and gifts from so many people in our community – many of them known to us, but also many whom we have never met or spoken to.

We are regularly surprised, thrilled, and deeply touched by the messages we get from our supporters about what inspires them to give – so we wanted to share some of them with you. Enjoy!

Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash

“You took such great care of my boys when they were little!”

“I am forever grateful for the Seniors Residence that was a home for my dad.”

“My sister wanted this as a gift as she is a wonderful human.”

“I volunteer with The Cridge Transition House for Women and see the value of this program.  Please use these funds to support CTHW.”

“The gift of giving back and supporting others. I haven’t always been in a place that I could afford to donate.”

“Would love this to be allocated to the Young Parent Outreach Program. We love Nicole Andrews and everything she does in the community! Merry Christmas!”

“As a police officer with VicPD, I’ve dealt closely with some families at The Cridge Centre. It is very apparent that they require support, especially for the children. Thank you for everything you do to help them.”

“I have been donating at Christmas the last few years and want to continue the tradition. The Cridge does such great work for all ages of people in the community.”

“This is dedicated to my mother, in support of women living with traumatic brain injuries.”

“My son lives at your place, and because you look after him so well and you guys deserve much more.”

“I am a survivor from an abusive relationship.”

“Came to BC with my kids to get out of an abusive relationship. Would like my meagre donation to go to women and their kids fleeing violence.”

“We have donated to The Cridge in the past and have been talking about deciding some consistent places to donate. We know the resource that The Cridge is is incredibly important to families in Victoria and we feel strongly about supporting that. We are both teachers and are well aware of the challenges that can come into children’s lives and the resource of The Cridge is invaluable to families who find themselves in need of support.”