Helmet Head or Hospital Bed

June is Brain Injury Awareness Month in Canada. Sadly, 452 Canadians suffer a serious traumatic brain injury every day. This amounts to nearly one person every 3 minutes, equaling almost 165,000 serious brain injuries per year.

A challenging reality in regard to these brain injuries is that over 90% are preventable.

The first week of June in Victoria is “Go by Bike Week”. It is wonderful to see so many riding, getting exercise, fresh air and enjoying the outdoors. But, what is not so encouraging is witnessing the number of riders, young and old, not wearing a bicycle helmet.

In this era of COVID where we are dutifully following directions of the Provincial Health Officer to protect ourselves from COVID – PPE, social distancing and at long last getting vaccinated – we should keep this protective issue in mind while cycling.

Riders, please consider and adopt prevention strategies. We encourage cyclers to protect themselves from the possibility of a life-altering brain injury. You do not want to put yourself, or your loved ones through this difficult experience. Our goal is 100% herd immunity from brain injury. Wearing a helmet is a positive step towards this goal.

Photo by KBO Bike on Unsplash