Safety for Kate

Kate knew she was in trouble when Mike threatened her with his fist. He felt frustrated and on edge; the children had been crying. Making things worse, Mike’s violent behaviour had been escalating since Kate’s last pregnancy.

The loss of income and fewer community supports as a result of the pandemic were hard on their marriage. Meanwhile, being stuck at home in the presence of her abuser at all times made it almost impossible for Kate to reach out for help. Add to that two small children and their home was a powder keg waiting to blow. Afraid and exhausted, Kate didn’t know where to get help.

A good friend of hers reached out to The Cridge Transition House for Women, wondering what kind of support they might have for Kate. They quickly set up a phone call for Kate with Nicole, our Young Parent Outreach Worker. Nicole assessed Kate’s situation and recommended that Kate and her children find alternative housing. The challenge was to find a place that would be able to support Kate and her children. Nicole has a long-standing relationship with a local housing provider and they were able to offer a space. Within a month of the initial phone call, Kate moved into safe housing. Now, out of the abusive relationship, she has a chance to heal and create a new life.

Nicole has continued to support Kate, working in partnership with other support workers, to make sure that Kate has access to community resources, has support in parenting and is mentored in her choices regarding school, employment and childcare.

Your support to The Cridge Centre’s fall appeal to prevent homelessness has created a real difference for women like Kate. Instead of Kate being in an abusive relationship and at risk of homelessness, she is now living in safety with her children and looking forward to a healthy and stable future. Your support has touched the lives of so many people, just like Kate. Thank you for helping us to prevent homelessness in Victoria.