Gratitude Amidst the Grey

Today when I look out the window, I see heavy rain and grey clouds. It is rather dismal. But in a lovely juxtaposition, I have a beautiful bouquet of bright flowers in front of the window that provides a bright spot of colour and light.

It’s been that kind of year, hasn’t it? There has been a LOT of grey – hardship, uncertainty, anxiety and just plain old fear. The pandemic has knocked the stuffing out of us and we all just yearn for a return to “normal”, whatever that may be.

And yet. There have been some real bright spots too. Seeing our community come together with the common goal of bending the curve – remarkable! Hearing stories of connection and support – beautiful! Seeing previously untapped sources of creativity and generosity – stunning! What an amazing community we live in!

In the midst of the grey, there has been a lot to be thankful for. And now, as we look ahead to a season of grey weather and reduced opportunities to return to “normal”, let’s keep our eyes on the good stuff and consider how we can be the source of light and encouragement for others.

This #GivingTuesday, would you consider supporting vulnerable women, young families and brain injury survivors by donating today – be the light and encouragement that they need during this grey time.