Burning Love Designs

The Cridge Centre for the Family’s Brain Injury Services is proud to share a new initiative for brain injury survivors. Burning Love Designs is delighted to have the opportunity to offer brain injury survivors a solution to finding more creative, cognitive and beneficial projects to engage while also being employed part-time. 

All employees have fairly similar knowledge and experience when dealing with the specific material needed for this project. They all share common creative ideas for the selling and manufacturing of these items. Burning Love Inc. has the potential to offer brain injury survivors part-time employment while improving their cognitive, social and physical skills. We currently have several members who are keen to be involved with this project; they began in Aug 2020 and will continue until January 2021. 

This program of artistic expression will aid in the recovery process by allowing brain injury survivors to do something they enjoy and are passionate about. When utilizing art therapy as a treatment intervention, Burning Love Inc. employees work on various functional skills such as fine motor skills, gross motor skills, endurance, communication, expression of feelings, relaxation, socialization, memory and problem-solving skills.

Calder McCormick, the production manager of Burning Love, is proof that sometimes the best medicine doesn’t just come from the pharmacy or a doctor. Sometimes the best medicine comes in the form of attention, conversation and connection to other people who have experienced the same challenges and are working toward a common goal.

Calder has flourished since deservingly earning this big responsibility.

Dr. Bonnie Henry inspired signs and coasters will highlight one of the most popular phrases in the recent history of British Columbia. The quote “Be Kind, Calm and Safe” will be engraved using the clients’ wood-burning skills to commemorate an unforgettable 2020.


If you have any questions or would like to order a sign for the holidays, just e-mail Calder at caldermccormick1@yahoo.com

Signs are $20 each and can be picked up at Mary Cridge Manor, 1172 Yates St. Order early!