The Cridge faces. Tanya

During the lockdown, we would like to acknowledge the work of some of our fantastic staff members who continue to serve our clients during the pandemic. 

Today we want to highlight the work of one particular member of The Cridge family: Tanya is one of the hardworking staff members of our childcare team.

Tanya joined our team nine years ago after moving to Victoria. She worked as a Nature Preschool teacher, which means helping children to learn more about themselves, how to problem-solve, building their confidence and preparing them for school, all while in nature. We asked Tanya what the most rewarding experience as a preschool teacher was. “I love watching children reaching out to their milestones, celebrate them in their successes and helping them overcome their challenges,” she shared with us.

Recently, Tanya transitioned into an administrative position where she works to support our childcare management to take care of the vital work that usually stays behind the scenes. Tanya also provides support to our Dovetail program. She shared that she loves the new life and work balance she achieved by working in an administrative position. It allows her to spend more time with her husband and two children.

We asked her what she loves most about The Cridge Centre. “It was the perfect fit and love from the first sight,” she shared.  The combination of a faith-based workplace, a great team to work with and all the goodness which The Cridge Centre brings into our community was exactly what she was looking for.

We are grateful and proud to have Tanya as a part of our team, providing services to our families and essential workers during the pandemic!