Valentine’s – Keeping It Real!

Valentine’s can just pile more sadness on top of a tough time for women in a transition house. At CTHW, we mark the day with treats and special gifts that let women know they are loved and appreciated. Purdys Chocolates came up with the perfect chocolate treats for the occasion this year:

Our staff, Kathy, included one of these little boxes of chocolates in the beautiful gift bags she made for each woman. And among the unique gifts she put in these bags, she included a mirror compact with a message for each woman:


For the kids at CTHW, any day that starts off with chocolate is a good day. When I arrived at work on the morning of February 14, 3 little girls were bursting with excitement over their chocolate Valentine’s treats. They were dancing around me, showing me what they got, and then one of them squealed, “And the Easter Bunny brought us these!” You can always count on the Easter Bunny to keep it real!!!

By Marlene Goley, Manager of The Cridge Transition House for Women.