Tax Season


I’m going to say a dirty word. Are you ready? Don’t be shocked!


Ugh. It’s that time of the year. Tax season. The worst time of the year and the worst way to spend a couple of hours (days?!?). I HATE doing my taxes. Are you with me?

However, there is one part that I like. Only one. Are you ready?

I like adding up my donation receipts to see how much I have given away to my favourite charities. I am usually surprised (am I REALLY that generous?!?) and often consider what else I could have done with that money. Things like holidays and renovations and new toys for my garden come to mind.

But then I stop and think about all the good things that my favourite charities have done with that money. They have helped people. Lots of people with lots of needs. So although they did the hands-on work, it was because of me and my donation that they were able to do it. And that makes me proud… and humble… and just really really grateful that I got to be a part of changing lives.

You can too – change a life. Donate today. You’ll be happy next year when tax season comes around!

By Joanne Linka, Manager of Communication and Fund Development