How to Give In December And Make Yourself Happy In April

In the midst of this joyous season, let me do you a favour and bring some reality to you. Are you ready?? Brace yourself! TAX SEASON IS COMING! ACK! No one wants to think about income taxes in December! It is such a grinchy thing to do – and yet if you think about it now, your tax return might not be that painful!

If you want to pay less in taxes (and who doesn’t?!?), there is one excellent way to do that. Donate. Find a charity that you love (pick us! Pick us!) and write them a cheque or donate online. It is that simple. Making a donation will give you tax credits that will make you happy in April. The more significant the contribution, the happier you will be! So while you are working hard on buying gifts that will make everyone else happy, do yourself a favour and give a gift that will make you happy! You won’t regret it! And neither will the charity who receives your gift!

Let me make it easy for you! Click here to donate today!

Pro Tip: If you donate online, you will get your receipt by email, which means you can pop it in your TAX file now rather than wait for it to come in the mail!