Rock Hunting Adventures 2019

By Angela Brunwald, The Cridge Childcare Services

Do you know the best way to spend summer? The Cridge Childcare children have been participating in the Sooke to Sidney Rock Hunt (SS Rock Hunt for short) all summer using The SS Rock Hunt Facebook page. Rock Hunt means finding and painting rocks with acrylic paint. After rocks are painted and dry, we take them with us when we go on field trips. Our children hide the rocks in the community for everyone else to find. One 5-year-old told me that “when people find our rocks it makes them very happy!”

We love making people around us happy. Let me share with you some of the stories:

In July, we hid 6 rocks around the grounds at Fort Rodd Hill.  The same day, we asked our followers of Facebook to find them. We received: “My granddaughter was at Fort Rodd Hill the other day and found her very first rock at the lighthouse!!  She was thrilled to bits!!  She brought it home and wants to keep it – I hope the artist doesn’t mind?”

At Island View Beach Hi-5’s hid 6 rocks along the beach. They watched as one adult and three children found a few of our hidden rocks. Our children were excited watching them! “I guess we just made their day”, one of Hi-5’s said.

In August, we hid a few rocks at Beckwith Water Park. Later, the same evening on the SS Rock Hunt website I found a photo of a little boy holding one of our rocks. The note said that he found the rock (all by himself!) at Beckwith. His mom shared that the little guy’s name is James and he’s almost 3. He’s actually been carrying it around the house all morning so the joy continues.

Hi-5’s have found a few rocks themselves at different locations. They were VERY VERY excited when they discovered rocks hidden all around The Cridge Childcare building! A BIG thanks to whoever hid the rocks for Hi-5’s to find!

What a great way to get the children looking & hunting for exciting things in our community… Do you want to join us in Rock Hunting? Share this story and go for a hunt! We would love to see and hear about your rock hunt adventures!
Happy Painting & Hunting!

Angela 🙂