Young Parent Outreach Program: Creating a Village

It takes a village to raise a child: a team made up of parents, grandparents, extended family, and community members. But many young families are alone and isolated, with no village to support them in parenting.

Being a parent – especially a low-income single parent – is an immense amount of work: sleepless nights, early morning commutes, trips to food banks and always the challenge of making ends meet. Add to that a sense of guilt or maybe even shame – the feeling of not being a good enough parent for your child.  Don’t mention the inability to find a well-paid job because many employers can’t or don’t want to accommodate changing hours and sick days. Or the inability to find a job with a living wage because of your unfinished education. All of these challenges lead to stressed out and vulnerable parents, struggling to get by every month.

This story is not unusual or rare. In fact, 19% of all children live with a single parent in Canada.

The Cridge Young Parent Outreach program was designed to help young mothers-to-be, single parents, and young families to overcome the challenges of parenting, develop and strengthen bonds between parents and children and help with everyday problems. The Young Parent Outreach program is the “village” and extended family that our young families need.

When you donate to The Cridge Young Parent Outreach Program, you help a vulnerable family find support in their everyday battles with practical and portable help when and where they need it most. With your ongoing support, we will help to grow a new generation of researchers, engineers, doctors or simply good people who care about the world around them.

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