Valentine’s Dinner for Seniors

A few times a year we have a very special dinner with our residents – a Candlelit Dinner in December, a Mother’s Day Dinner and Valentine’s Dinner.

For these occasions, we break with the norm and order linens for the tables, flowers, chocolates for each place setting and have a menu printed up for each table.

The menu, which is always excellent, is bumped up a notch or two as well, and wine is served for those who would like it.

Everyone enjoys the extra fanfare –  staff setting the tables have fun preparing for the event, residents get dolled up in their fanciest clothes, the cooks work so hard to prepare a fantastic meal, and there is a generally festive atmosphere.  The gasps from the residents and their guests when they walk into the beautiful room are so heartwarming to hear and certainly makes all the extra work worth every second.

I received this card from a family member of a resident today: “As I was walking past the dining room, I had to smile. The tables were being set for dinner. The table settings were a marvel: homemade paper flowers and napkins in hues of pink. I know how hard you all work to involve your seniors – to give them a sense of fun, to care for their health and their spirits, and to let them know – in so many ways – that this is a special place they call home.”

A special place called home? I honestly don’t think we could do any better than that.


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