I Want To Be a Rocket Ship

Submitted by Marlene Goley, the Manager of Cridge Transition House and Outreach Services.

A woman at Cridge Transition House for Women told a story about when she was a little girl she would tell anyone that asked, that she wanted to be a rocket ship. At first, she was not deterred by adults telling her how impossible this was. But as she grew up, she did abandon her dream as the realities of a difficult childhood and then an emotionally precarious marriage consumed her.
When she came to Cridge Transition House, she was afraid and hopeless. After a few weeks of feeling safe and supported, the memory of wanting to be a rocket ship came back to her. She excitedly reclaimed that powerful feeling of zooming to the stars. For the first time in a long time, she felt in control of her life. She started making plans to go back to school and imagining what her life could become. In her words, she found her “muchness”.
Being a rocket ship can have some setbacks but this amazing woman showed us how it’s done!