A Story of Hope

Jenna was more afraid than she had ever been before. Sitting in her car, with her 18-month-old daughter in the back seat at 2 am was not where she wanted to be. Her partner had finally fallen asleep so she was able to grab her daughter and quietly escape the apartment without waking him. Her head was still aching from when he slammed her against the wall… the beating was worse than it had ever been before. What will she do now? Where will she go? How will she support her daughter? How will she ever be safe again? Who will help her?

Jenna’s story is not unusual or even particularly brutal. We meet many “Jennas” who come to us with nothing but the clothes on their backs, afraid and desperate. Sometimes the stories are much worse. The threads that run through the stories are the hopelessness and desperation: WHO WILL HELP?

The answer is simple: THE CRIDGE CENTRE.

Not only will Jenna and her daughter be safe in our transition house, but our staff will also help her develop a safety plan and find housing. Her daughter will have access to our childcare program and Jenna can receive the support of our Young Parent Outreach Worker. She may move into our supportive housing where she can start to rebuild her life in our community. She may also receive support from our Brain Injury program when she realizes that she has sustained an injury from the repeated abuse. Our services and programs will support Jenna – there is no wrong door at The Cridge Centre.

Jenna doesn’t have to be afraid or hopeless or alone anymore. She has The Cridge Centre for the Family standing with her as she starts her journey toward health, safety, and stability.