Baking Brings Inspiration

The Cridge Transition House for Women brings together women and children from many backgrounds, experiences and life styles. Making it all work is really a leap of faith. It turns out that leaping in faith can have some pretty awesome results.

Not so long ago, a woman staying at the transition really liked to bake in the evenings.  It was how she unwound and processed her day.  At the same time there was a 13 year old boy staying with his mom.  He was doing okay but it was a bit awkward for him, as it often is for older boys, to be living in a house full of women and small children.  One evening our baking resident decided to bake Halloween cookies.  This boy asked her if he could help. She was thrilled to have him join her. They made delicious ghost cookies with purple icing!

Her encouragement of his interest in baking lit a spark! He made a batch of cookies on his own a few days later.  They didn’t turn out as well as he had hoped so he anxiously waited for his baking “mentor” to come home to “debrief” and figure out what went wrong.  Encouraged by her to keep trying, he baked cinnamon buns for everyone one evening while the women were making jewelry in the dining room.  Apparently the cinnamon buns turned out more like doughnuts. (I wouldn’t know because there wasn’t even a crumb left the next day). He was disappointed and asked the women what he could do differently. There was a loud chorus of, “Nothing!” Clearly, no one else was disappointed in the results!  Then everyone started telling him what a bright future he could have if he pursues his interest and talent for cooking.  He was so proud and inspired.

A leap of faith can be magic, bringing together people who didn’t know how much they needed each other!

Yours in faith but alas no cinnamon buns,

Marlene Goley