Success after Brain Injury: Kevin

Kevin sustained an acquired brain injury from a fall in 2009.  As a result, he experiences physical stiffness and cognitive challenges. Kevin does have good insight into his limitations and he works hard to pace himself accordingly.

Kevin will not allow his brain injury to hold him back. He does have struggles, but everyday he makes a commitment to live well and to get out and be a part of his community. In fact, if you are one of the lucky people to pass Kevin walking down the street or sitting beside him on a bus, you will likely be the recipient of his warm smile and often a “Good morning, friend.”

Kevin’s warm personality is engaging and he generally enjoys being with people. He has a great sense of humor, an infectious laugh, and likes to be an encourager to others.

After Kevin’s injury, he was faced with many day-to-day challenges. He worked through speech difficulties, fatigue issues, learning coping strategies to avoid verbal outbursts and how to deal with outside stimuli, like excessive noise. Like many other individuals, Kevin also struggled with substance use; however, he has worked on his recovery and this is now behind him.

Kevin lives his life to the fullest by using strategies daily. For example, he uses a pocket calendar, smart phone for texting and recording information, doctors’ appointments and his to-do list. Kevin does not shy away from work by any means. In fact, one of the struggles Kevin still faces today is putting the needs of others first. He needs to remind himself daily that his care plan needs to come first so he can be of service to others.

Kevin has a variety of interests including gardening, cooking, poetry writing, doing research, and building things. His connection with The Cridge came through volunteering at Macdonald House. He then went on to participate in our community kitchen and became involved with the Kale King program. Kevin’s interest in gardening and cooking was advantageous to this program as he quickly became a lead team member in gardening, cookie-making and selling products at the night market. Kevin now serves in the Daycare Breakfast Program and has made a great connection with the staff and children.

Kevin also proudly completed his diploma in Community, Family and Child Studies through Camosun College in 2014 – the same year he joined Kale Kings. In 2015, Kevin moved in to Mary Cridge Manor to further develop social interests and employment goals. Kevin is an avid volunteer too. He continues to work on yard maintenance at Macdonald House and cooks and delivers vegetarian meals weekly through the Food Not Bombs program.