Garth Homer Volunteers

Twice a week three Garth Homer Adult Day Program clients, who are adults living with developmental disabilities, visit the Seniors’ Center with an aide. On these two visits each week they run activity programs for the Seniors such as Wii Bowling, Dice and Bingo. They have been involved in crafts, decorating and social visits as well.

Each participant contributes at their own ability either cheering a senior on, calling Bingo numbers or rolling the dice alongside a senior. They are participants in the programming they deliver and coming to The Cridge provides them with a feeling of connection, friendship and meaningful service. These wonderful volunteers engage with the residents, developing long term service relationships which assist The Cridge Village Seniors’ Centre in providing our seniors with access to mental, social and physical opportunities. It also assists us with our desire to create and maintain meaningful and strong community partnerships which have the seniors engaging with a diverse cross-section of our community.

Working alongside our Recreation Coordinator, these volunteers are a tremendous asset to the care and service we provide to our assisted living clients. It is a wonderful thing to see those with developmental disabilities working successfully for the well being and enrichment of our seniors – helping BOTH to continue to achieve their spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical and social potential.