Clients becoming Volunteers

By Tori Woodford  (Community Program Coordinator with Cridge Brain Injury Services)

Sometimes our clients become some of our most dedicated and passionate volunteers. We strongly encourage our clients to give back and share their stories, passions, and gifts with others. This comes out in various volunteer opportunities our clients participate in. Some examples include:

  1. Jumbles/Comic Cards: Volunteers get together and create word puzzles which are then presented to seniors living at Cridge Village. In the near future these Jumbles will also be a part of a community magazine promoting brain health through cognitive exercises, called MindXMagazine. Volunteers also created comics that were produced into cards, promoting humour and a “lighter side” of life.
  2. Brain Injury Awareness and Prevention: Volunteers join facilitator, Greg Goldberg, on his adventures to various schools where he presents his helmet safety presentation, Mr. Tomato Head. Volunteers share their experiences with head injury.

These opportunities relate directly to our work in brain injury services, because it’s client themselves volunteering. These examples are not part of our regular rehab programming which clients have an expectation to participate in, but instead are opportunities created around client interest and desire. These assignments provide social interaction and cognitive rehab opportunities, while also fostering personal growth, compassion and resilience. And the community receives awareness, education, and products. It’s a win-win!

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