Technology helps women rebuild lives

Technology is an inevitable part of our lives now. If we aren’t emailing on our laptop, then we are checking the news on our phone — or looking for information on our tablet. It has become an essential way to communicate, to gather information and to live our daily lives.  So imagine what it would be like if suddenly you didn’t have a cell phone — or your tablet or laptop was no longer yours to use. This happens on a regular basis for the women who come to our transition house — very often they cannot bring their technology with them — and even have to stop using their phones because it is unsafe. Technology can be an excellent communication tool — but it can also be a way for abusive partners to track and terrify their victims.

So often part of the rebuilding process for our women is for them to get new technology — often an expense that they simply can’t afford.  So when we receive donations of phones or laptops, we know that we will be able to find a home for them. We recently received a few laptops from Era — a company from Winnipeg that recycles technology and donates it to non-profits. We were thrilled to be able to give these laptops to women who need them in order to continue their education and engage in job searches.

If you have technology to donate that is still in excellent condition, we would gladly pass it on to a woman who will gratefully use it as she rebuilds her life.