From a tent to housing… to home.

By Christine Wosilius

It was a Friday afternoon in mid summer when a gentleman appeared on the steps of the Child Care building. I was on my way up to the main building, however since he wasn’t a familiar person I stopped to talk with him (for security reasons we always speak with new adults who walk in the building).

He told me that a social worker at The Salvation Army had recommended that he come and see us and we might be able to help him with housing.  He then began to tell me a bit of his story, how he and his family had moved to Vancouver from another province with the promise of a job, how the job had quickly vanished leaving him, his wife and their 2 children without any resources.  They moved to Victoria with the help of some friends but now all 4 of them were living in a tent.

I work in Child Care and I have no idea how long the wait list for our housing is or how the application process works but I knew that I was not going to let him leave without speaking to someone in our Dovetail program.  So he and I walked up to the main building and waited in the lounge.  Karen A was the star of the day who dropped what she was working on, made time for him and began the interview with him.

On October 1 when we had our event celebrating Overcomers with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge I saw him and his family watching and cheering and was struck by how good God is and how wonderful His timing is.  This gentleman, his wife and their 2 children waving to William and Kate had been living in a tent only a short time before this, but thanks to our Dovetail program were safely housed, their youngest child in our daycare program allowing both parents to now go to work. Home at last!

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