Our Moving Hero

by Marlene Goley & Candace Stretch

Most women staying at Cridge Transition House are not able to move back into the homes they left behind. Even if the abuser has moved out, it is often not safe or financially possible for women to go back. We all know that moving is stressful- but moving after experiencing violence and abuse takes the stress to another level. It is so helpful if those involved in moving a woman to her new, safe home are sensitive to her unique situation.

For this reason and many others, Howie at Best Rate Movers is our hero! He is kind, sensitive and a role model of the kind of man the women in our programs need to see. He makes his crew available on short notice (even on a Sunday if needed) to move a woman quickly, his rates are the best in town. And, best of all, he has fearlessly gone to do moves with police attending to keep the peace.

When we talked to him about a safety plan for himself and his crew, he told us, “I’m a pretty big guy. I don’t get much trouble.”  Recently, Marlene called him to ask how the move was going for a woman who was dealing with a particularly emotionally challenging move. Howie again very calmly told her, “Well . . . we have a few tears here but everything’s alright.”  He will often tell us, “We’re a team with you – we’re glad to help.” The sensitivity he shows women has a huge impact, and we have heard such great feedback from them.

We are so grateful to have Howie and his crew on our team!!