Gorge Vale Golf Club Gives Great Golf Gift

by Candace Stretch

It is amazing when unexpected doors open to the families we serve. In the spring we were approached by Andy Reljic, who runs the youth programs at Gorge Vale Golf Club. A member of the golf club had sponsored 5 youth golf memberships, and he wanted to offer them to our Cridge youth.

Three of our teenage boys, all from our Dovetail Program, took advantage of this and attended the Gorge Vale youth golf program this summer. The boys are all from families who have been impacted by domestic violence and have faced many difficult life circumstances in their past. These boys are each a treasured part of our Cridge community.

Each of these boys were incredibly engaged in the program- they went to the Course regularly, attended training sessions, and participating in golf tournaments. One of these boy is now working as a caddy at Victoria Golf Course due to a connection he made while on the course! The other two recently went to Bear Mountain for the PGA tournament that was happening there… and even met Graham DeLaet, the famous Canadian golfer. It was a joy to get their updates, and see how the ripple effects of this program were impacting their lives.

This open door has created wonderful opportunities for these 3 boys! We are thankful to God and to the amazing people at Gorge Vale Golf Club!