A story of plants, gratitude and being blessed.

Every now and then one of our supporters contacts us with a story of how their lives intersect with The Cridge Centre. We love hearing about how our family members are active in their communities and are also advocating for us and our programs.  Here is a story from Diane, a long term supporter and champion of The Cridge Centre and how she turned irritation into gratitude and a gift.

For years I have been putting my plants on the driveway for people to take away. Over the last years I have noticed that friends and neighbors are taking the plants when I am not around but they never say they have the plant, and they never express any appreciation. That disappoints me. About two weeks ago, a couple who I don’t know who live a block away, walked by when I was in the garden and the man commented that they have taken many “good” plants from me over the years. Then he said ”So when are you going to put out more for me”? He was not joking. Normally I would have said “I will dig up some plants for your right now” but something stopped me. On reflection, I realized I was angry at how people are taking the plants but not bothering to say thank you. Then I realized how much the Lord gives us — and how often do I forget to express my gratitude for his gifts? And how does the Lord feel when I just keep saying I want more. I knew I needed to change but didn’t know what to do next.

After a few days of reflection, I decided I would put my one chrysanthemum plant on Used Victoria…selling it for $5. I advertised that the funds would be donated to the Respite Care at The Cridge Centre. Within two hours a lady responded that she wanted it and could she come and get it right away. Of course I was motivated to dig up more. So every day or so someone comes by with their $5.00 and walks away delighted with their bargain plants. This has been going on for a week or more. A lady with a wholesale nursery took away a lot of my nerine bulbs. A young lady just left moments ago — she picked up some plants for her mum (they have both moved here from Manitoba). When I explained what The Cridge does, she pushed the change I had for her back into my hand and said  ”We like organizations like this – keep the money”. And she gave me a dahlia bulb as well! Tomorrow someone who lives in Vancouver is coming to get a plant. I am meeting many interesting people, sharing a love of gardening and raising money for a worthy cause… and being blessed at the same time. What a wonderful gift!

Thanks, Diane, for sharing your story! And thanks to so many of you who look for generous and creative ways to support The Cridge Centre — we are so grateful for you!

If you want to  support The Cridge Centre by selling things on Used Victoria, click here to get more information.