Diabetes and Brain Injury

Diabetes is a challenging disease and not one that is commonly associated with brain injury. Brian Loof, previous resident of Macdonald House, lives with the daily impact of both diabetes and a brain injury.
Brian slipped into a diabetic coma and when he awoke from the coma, he was missing approximately 7 years of his memory. There were many challenges ahead of Brian so he came to Macdonald House to begin rebuilding his life.
Initially, the goal was to create a medically stable life for Brian and to provide him with a safe, nurturing home with 24-hour support. Brian also needed to establish healthy routines and work towards making positive changes in his life. Brian’s individual needs, abilities, and interests could be met within the scope of work done at Macdonald House.
While the team was confident that Brian could rebuild his life in a supported setting like Macdonald House, there was no anticipation that he would ever be able to live independently. However, after 7 years, Brian had not only redesigned his life, he was medically stable, working part-time, and ready to transition from Macdonald House to living independently with supports.
Brian, albeit with the new challenges of learning to budget his money, pay rent, and learning to cook and maintain an apartment, was able to move from Macdonald House into a new community where he continued to thrive. Today, after three years in an apartment with supports, Brian is now living in a market rent building that has no supports. He continues to receive minimal community support to monitor medications and to assist him with grocery shopping and attending appointments. He has maintained the same part-time job and has built meaningful connections with those he has met along the way.
This photo is of Brian playing with his support worker’s newborn baby.