SunFun has a new look!

Davina Antonik: School Age Care Coordinator

SunFun Logo Colour

We are excited to unveil the brand new SunFun logo and tag phrase!  The Childcare Management team, in conjunction with a graphic designer from Mega Screen Studios, have been working throughout the New Year to create a super awesome visual to capture the meaning of our summer SunFun program.  The creation process really led us to look at the purpose of SunFun and what makes our program different from the many other summer programs for kids in the Victoria area.  What we realized is that we offer A LOT, and really are a truly unique service for our community. 

Yes, we offer a fun, safe place to send your kids with cool out trips, games, crafts and more.  What really makes us unique, is that we offer a lifestyle of child-centred, faith-based, inclusive exploration for children to really play, discover, and believe in themselves and the world around them.  Hence our new tag line: play, discover, believe…  Perhaps only other grammar nerds like myself will appreciate the open-endedness of the …, but I think it really speaks to the endless possibilities children may take away from attending SunFun.  Unlike other day-camps, SunFun provides summer fun on a grand-scale.  We are so blessed by our generous grants to go on amazing out-trips like Wild-play, trips up to Youbou Lake, an overnight slumber party at a local church, and everything else you could imagine.  Many families would not be able to provide such awesome activities for their children, and we are able to offer these experiences without any additional fees for the families.  Not to mention a shiny, new fully-inclusive playground on site for our daily use! 

The support and prayers from our Board of Directors, Management Team of The Cridge, and local Churches provide a rich foundation that many clients wouldn’t notice, but we know is a true God-send.  Our high-caliber and well-rounded summer staff is another aspect that sets our program apart from others.  The Cridge Centre attracts quality people and we are proud to have a staff comprised of certified teachers, future teachers, a future doctor, and a future natural biologist.  The skill set of this amazing team enriches our programming beyond belief so that each person can bring a new passion to programming and help engage a wide spectrum of children’s interests.  We are truly blessed.

Summer day-camps have become a very competitive market.  Compound this with low-enrollment across the city and you can see why we have set ourselves a lofty goal of being fully-enrolled for each week this summer.  Keep an eye out for our new logo in Island Parent Magazine, Kids In Victoria website, CHEK News website and other spots around town.  Even with this new ad-campaign we have always found it is word-of mouth referrals that provide the best advertising.  Our past and current clients and community partners are our best sources for success stories with new families.  During the current registration time we are blessed to hear such wonderful referrals on an almost-daily basis.  Please share about the awesome experiences SunFun can offer families with children Kindergarten to Grade 7.  Thanks for all your support in making SunFun 2015 one for the books!

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