Pink Day — Bullying Can Have Life-long Effects

This week we are seeing all kinds of activities and events running on the theme of anti-bullying.  The country is in pink (those of us enjoying the cherry blossoms in Victoria more so than the others) and we are thinking about what it means to be bullied and how to stop it.  I was really impressed to see how one class in Langley approached the topic and how the students expressed themselves in a video. H.D. Stafford Middle School Grade 8 students in the leadership program have provided us with a strong image of what bullying looks like in a school — and its impacts (click here to access the link). We don’t need to go far to see the impacts but what we may not realize is that bullying is traumatic to kids and that trauma can have a lasting effect on their health and future. Watch the video by Dr. Nadine Burke Harris to catch a glimpse of her thoughts on childhood trauma.




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  1. Philip Thompson
    Philip Thompson says:

    Thank you for bringing this TED Talk to our attention. I would not have seen this, unless I saw it here. The Adverse Childhood Experience report, is now on my radar. 🙂

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