New Website for Women in Abusive Relationships

  woman crying)

More and more, it is becoming clear that women who are in abusive relationships are often too frightened to get the help they need — and sometimes the “help” causes more harm than good. They are afraid to leave, afraid to talk to someone, afraid to report to the police. It is no surprise that these women feel hopeless and helpless.  What seems to be a hopeless situation has had some hope thrown into it — in the form of a website that can help those same women access the services they need without putting themselves in further danger. One of the first things they learn is how to clean their browser history so that their abuser cannot see which websites they have been looking at… thereby protecting them in their search for help.

“It’s just a small percentage of the population that experience violence that use services,” said Varcoe, from UBC’s School of Nursing. “There is a vast range of reasons women are afraid to get help. This is a safe, anonymous way to find out what your situation is, make priorities, make a plan and get resources and support.”

For more information: Website for Women in Abusive Relationships