War on Women

In December of 2014, the BC Coroners Services published a report about the War on Women. This title certainly was an attention getter, but was also truly warranted. Here in BC, there is most definitely a war on women being waged — and it seems clear that the women are losing. The tragic part of this war is that it is taking place in the one place where women are supposed to be safest — their homes. Domestic violence takes many forms and ranges in severity, but it all has lasting effects on women, their children and our communities. 

“Violence against women is preventable, predictable and research confirms that the lethality for women in abusive relationships increases when women are leaving or have left abusive male partners.” (BC Coroners report — War on Women)

In the past year, The Cridge Transition House for women provided services for about 140 women, plus their children, who were leaving abusive relationships. These services include those listed in the BC Coroners Report:

  1. Provide emotional support to women dealing with the effects of trauma
  2. Provide information about the dynamics of abuse and it’s effects
  3. Provide accompaniment to appointments
  4. Help women make safety plans
  5. Assessment of risk, threat and lethality
  6. Understand women’s process of staying, leaving and returning
  7. Help to co-ordinate systemic response between police, court services, child protection
  8. Advocate with police, court services, child protection when systemic response is substandard
  9. Help women find housing – transitional or permanent
  10. Help women deal with economic challenges
  11. Help women to support their children with the effects of witnessing their mother’s abuse

If you are someone you know is struggling with violence in the home, please contact our staff and find the help needed. 250 479 3963

BC Coroners Report War on Women