Thoughts about Jian Ghomeshi and Violence against Women

I was a huge Jian Ghomeshi fan, and tuned in nightly to listen to Q on CBC. As a fan, I was deeply shocked to learn of the hateful, violent acts he has perpetrated against women over the past decade or more.

But as shocking and sad as that has been, I have been SO incredibly encouraged by the national conversation that has emerged in our newspapers, radio, television and social media. People are having real, honest dialogue about the realities of violence against women. Every day since the Jian Ghomeshi story broke, I have seen coverage of this issue that has far surpassed anything I have seen before. It is terrible that it would take something like this to bring it to the forefront, but I am thanking God that (at least for now) it is part of our national conversation. Thought I would share a few highlights of what I have come across:

  •  George Stromboloupolos shared the Jackson Katz video below to all of his Facebook and Twitter followers. He has tweeted a lot about violence against women as a men’s issue. I was so glad to see that he sent out Dr. Katz’ important message:
  • This piece in the Huffington Post came out a few days after the allegations. It is written by a former crown prosecutor and she lays out in stark detail the realities of what women face when they choose to report rape. “Women know in their bones what the system has in store when they pick up the phone to call 9-1-1”. She nails it:
  • This is an article in the Toronto Star that de-bunks the myths around rape and sexual abuse. It really honours the bravery of the 9 victims who have stepped forward this week.

So often it can feel like the world around us just doesn’t get it! I have felt so encouraged to read the truth about violence against women in black and white.

 Candace Stretch

Assistant Manager 
The Cridge Transition House for Women