Orange Day is TOMORROW!

What is Orange Day, you might ask?  A good question since most people — myself included up until a few weeks ago — have no idea.  It is an international day of recognition and protest against the violence perpetrated against women.  Orange Day is a United Nations initiative that was started in 2008 as a call to action against the pandemic of violence happening world wide against women and girls. In an effort to raise awareness, educate and encourage political will, the UNITE campaign has spread around the world with its message of hope for survivors and the need for immediate change.

Here in Canada, the issue of violence against women has been in the forefront for a number of weeks but the question is whether it will fall into the background again as other news comes to light. Although this is not an issue which affects all of us directly, it does affect more of us than we care to admit.  Even if it was a purely “female” issue, which it most certainly is NOT, it would still be affecting 50% of our population.  What other pandemic in the world has affected 50% of the global population? Half of the population of our world are women — and yet the issue is still not considered important enough for global action. This is horrifying and unjust in the extreme.

Here at The Cridge Centre for the Family, we take the issue seriously. Our Dovetail Services provides housing, care and support for women and their children who leave an abusive relationship. Finding safety is the first step towards healing and our staff and volunteers are passionate about doing that and so much more. And so, as a staff team, and as an organization, we stand up and say NO to violence against women — we wear orange proudly on the 25th of every month and continue to be proactive to end violence against women and girls.

What are you going to do?