Congratulations, Dr. Chris!

Today one of our very cherished former team member, Chris Heyd, will become Dr. Chris Heyd as he graduates alongside his classmates in the University of Victoria Island Medical Program.


Children from School Age Care send Chris off with well-wishes!

It seems just yesterday, though it was really almost four years ago, that Chris resigned his post as School Age Care Coordinator to return to school. Chris was cherished by the staff he managed, the children he cared for, and by his supervisor Paula West-Patrick, Manager of Children’s Services.

Paula has nothing but kind  words and fond memories of Chris. In fact, she had trouble picking from among her favourite attributes of Chris’:

  • a very caring nature
  • a real knack for listening to people and empathising with concerns
  • interest in the environment and nature,
  • a great sense of adventure,

Paula thinks that Chris’ well-rounded nature provided the school age care children with a positive, caring, role-models, and she’s certain that as a doctor Chris’ patients will have the pleasure of a very caring bedside manner. Today, Chris is not only crossing the stage with his classmates; he has also earned the honour of giving the valedictory address.

As part of his training, Chris spent four weeks as a health care volunteer in rural India. Of that experience Chris says, “I will continue to be involved in international health in the future.  . . .  I believe it should be part of an ethical life in the first world, as we could not enjoy our lifestyle without dependence on the developing world.  We have a responsibility to give back.”

Giving back is, it seems, a program ethic as well as a personal one for Chris. Also graduating today are two classmates of Christ who volunteered at The Cridge Transition House for Women during their training. As well, CTHW is the recipient of a class donation at today’s commencement celebration.

Congratulations to all the graduates as they begin their professional lives of service. And our best wishes to our Dr. Heyd, who will always be a part of the Cridge Centre family no matter where he goes.