Thank you.

In the course of going about our business here – in wiping a crying child’s nose, comforting a lonely senior, teaching a brain injury survivor a new recipe, or finding a young mom her first home – we often receive the most gracious of thank you notes. In The Cridge Respitality Service, Mimi Davis has preserved years worth of these notes in binders. Other program coordinators and managers pass on particularly poignant thank-yous to the other the management team and staff members.

One place the thank you’s rarely make it is back to our donors, society members and supporters – the people who make it possible for us to do our work. And so, for the next 12 weeks, we will be sharing some of these thank you notes with you. These are by no means the only thanks we receive; they are not even representative of every program we have. What they are is a sampling of the kind of difference that your support makes.

Every two weeks, we will update the thank you here on the website, and on our social media streams. Be sure to check back for the next installation. [flgallery id=20 /]