Giving Back in the Giving Season


In this past Season of Giving, I know we were all focused on the huge responsibility of providing for our clients: ensuring that we were making the most of Christmas fundraising opportunities so that we can run our programs effectively throughout the year, working to provide Christmas gifts and hampers to our clients in financial need, providing fun and festive entertainment to clients who need some Christmas cheer, and giving our staff the special acknowledgement that they deserve during the Christmas season.
In the midst of the busy-ness of ensuring that all of our clients and staff were well provided for during the past several weeks, I was both touched and humbled by the examples of many of our clients who acted in their own unique ways to “give back” to the programs of The Cridge Centre. Some of the things I observed included 
  • Beth, the Dovetail client, who saw Louise struggling to unload the Cobs Bread donation during the week before Christmas, when staffing was lean. Beth dropped everything that she had to do and took the time to not only help unload the many bags of bread, but also to help sort and put it on the shelves. OR,
  • Kathy, the former CTHW resident, who lovingly prepared little gifts for each of the Transition House staff that had worked with her during her time at the House and who called on Christmas Day to wish our staff a Merry Christmas. She even shared that “this had been the best Christmas she had had in 40 years.” OR,
  • Jamie & Leah, the YPOP parents, who recognized that a fellow YPOP mom had a received a Christmas hamper that did not include a gift for her child, and pooled their collective “hamper resources” and gave their friend a few gifts for Santa to give her child. OR,
  • Sue, the Respitality parent, who despite the incredible challenge of raising a child with special needs, gave of her time and energy to volunteer at the Stuff the Stocking event where she was an invaluable part of the kitchen team, ensuring that food and beverages were flowing for all who attended.
What an amazing opportunity the Christmas Season brings – an opportunity for us to show Christ’s love to our clients as we work to provide wonderful gifts 
and memories for them. But, also, an opportunity for us to see the truly remarkable ways that our clients give back to us and to each other, and what a lovely gift that is!