Yes, there is such a thing as a free lunch

It's easy to forget sometimes, even as we work with clients who are moving from poverty and instability to independence who sometimes still need the support of our sister food ministries in the city, that hunger is a very real and present concern for many people in Victoria. The demand on the Mustard Seed Food Bank is up 10% this month, and other service providers are reporting a similar increased demand for meals and groceries. 

With this in mind, The Coalition to End Homelessness has created a list of available holiday meals over the Christmas month, as well as a list of places people in need can receive food (both groceries and meals) ongoingly. 

Please share these resources with people you know who may need the information. And please contact Shannon at (250) 995-6419 if you would like to hear more about how you can support Cridge clients in need of food, toiletries, and other necessities of life. 

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  1. Bob McPhie
    Bob McPhie says:

    Lived at the Home from 1961 until 1968 I beleive. What a great and safe place to grow up.
    When's the  next reunion please.,

    • Shannon Whissell
      Shannon Whissell says:

      Hi Bob – how great to hear from you. We are always thrilled to hear back from former residents and to hear your stories. There is no reunion planned right now, though it’s certainly something we would consider if there’s interest. Have a very Merry Christmas!

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