“Bungalow” is another word for Home

This summer The Cridge Centre for the Family made a new friend – Bungalow, a charming home and gift store in Estevan Village in Oak Bay. Bungalow began donating some of their fine house wares, stationery, jewelry, and ornaments after Assistant Manager of Women’s & Family Services, Candace Stretch – who also happens to be a regular customer – shared some of the work her department does in supporting families. 

Bungalow's gifts bring joy, beauty and hope to our women and children at The Cridge Transition House for Women in welcome presents, birthday presents and Christmas surprises. The jewelry and scarves featured strongly in presents at the Mother's Day tea party for residents of The Cridge Supportive Transitional Housing, and parents of children with special needs will find humour and encouragement in the replenished stores for Cridge Respitality baskets. 

As Candace Stretch, Assistant Manager of Women's and Family Services said to Michelle of Bungalow: 

Wow! What a wonderful couple of weeks it has been since we picked up the amazing donation from you. Just wanted to pass along an informal THANK YOU!!!

The beautiful things that you donated went in several directions…

  • The Respitality Service took items that will fit into the gift baskets which go out to families of children with special needs
  • The Transition House took the beautiful artwork, so that we can update and make the house more of a home
  • And the women of our Supportive Transitional Housing program were invited to come “shopping”… they had such a wonderful time selecting lovely things for their homes. One woman had tears in her eyes as she said “All these beautiful things for our homes that we could never afford ourselves”

Michelle and Graham have given several times, and the ongoing difference they make for our women and families is immeasurable. If you happen be Bungalow this Christmas season while doing your shopping, please pass on our gratitude to Michelle and Graham, and let them know what a business that cares for the community means to you. 







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