Breaking Bread with COBS

'Breaking bread' is a phrase that conjures so many feelngs and images – it indicates fellowship, nourishment, and sharing. It's a comforting statement that goes beyond mere food to taking care of one another in community. 

Each week, Cobs Bread bakeries everywhere support up to seven local charities with the gift of fresh bread. At The Cridge Centre, that bread fills the pantry at The Cridge Transition House for Women, is delivered to The Cridge Dovetail outreach and The Cridge Brain Injury community support clients, feeds Supportive Transitional Housing families, is offered to needy senior and childcare clients, and is taken to Mary Cridge Manor for the brain injury and women's and family residents there.

The fresh, fragrant bread – including fluffy white bread, hearty whole wheat, and toothsome ryes, some in loafs, some in buns, and sometimes sweet treats – is not an afterthought or cast-off leftovers. Cobs' giving plan is an integral part of their corporate structure. They make this bread with giving in mind. 

For some of our clients, the ability to rely on a regular delivery of fresh, healthy bread provides immense relief to tight budgets. As food costs continue to soar, especially for staples such as bread, this donation plays an ever-more important role in keeping children fed. 

Thank you, Cobs Bread, for your commitment to the community and for your ongoing and faithful support. We look forward to that yummy Cobs smell for many days to come.