We’d love to be ‘Most Loved’!

Our friends at CHEK TV, a locally owned and Vancouver Island focused television station, have launched a new website called CityHUB which will showcase the ‘Best of the City’ as selected by votes on the website between now and October 15th. The votes are tallied daily, and when the site launches in November it will include only the top 20 vote-getters in each category. 

We'are currently second in the “Non-Profits for a Better Victoria” category – and would love your help finishing as #1.
CityHUB will help Victorians learn about the many services of The Cridge Centre for the Family. In addition, you could earn CityBucks towards discounts at participating businesses. You earn $5 for signing up for an account, and ten cents for each vote you submit. 
Here's how you can help:
1. Vote! Daily! –  Vote instantly without logging in by clicking this link. Even better, register quickly with your email address and a password and ‘Activate autovote’ – no need to remember each day to come back!
To make the most of 'AutoVote"
  • pick your favourites in as many categories as you like *including us in Non-Profits for a Better Victoria, of course* and then
  • click "activate autovote." 

Your votes will be submitted every night just before midnight, allowing you to make changes during the day. It will vote for you every day until Oct 15th and you won't have to do a thing! You'll also be earning "City Bucks" with your votes every day – it's definitely worth your time to auto vote! With 22 categories, you could be earning $2.20 in 'CityBucks' every day. 

2. Spread the word – Let your friends and family know about CityHUB, and that they too can support The Cridge Centre and earn City Bucks for themselves.
3. Add the Link – Paste “Click on the link to vote for The Cridge Centre for the Family at CityHub – http://cityhub.ca/chek/i.php?n=1912&c=31.” to your email signature line until October 15, or share it on your facebook profile, in your twitter stream, and on your own webpage. 
CityHUB has been endorsed by the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce. There are over 1,500 registered nominees in 22 categories, and over 44,000 votes in just the first few days. People also get ‘CityBucks’ for being involved ($5 for signing up, and $.10 for each vote), which can be used at participating stores once the site launches. I expect it will be a high traffic site, and will generate some fun, positive buzz for us.