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A story of plants, gratitude and being blessed.

Every now and then one of our supporters contacts us with a story of how their lives intersect with The Cridge Centre. We love hearing about how our family members are active in their communities and are also advocating for us and our programs.  Here is a story from Diane, a long term supporter and […]

Michael Cridge — Caring Canadian and Cridge Champion

Can we be any prouder? If Bishop Cridge and his wife Mary were around, they would undoubtedly be busting their buttons with pride over their great great grandson who will be awarded the Governor General’s Caring Canadian Award. Michael has been a faithful supporter of The Cridge Centre for over 18 years, serving in a […]

Diabetes and Brain Injury

Diabetes is a challenging disease and not one that is commonly associated with brain injury. Brian Loof, previous resident of Macdonald House, lives with the daily impact of both diabetes and a brain injury. Brian slipped into a diabetic coma and when he awoke from the coma, he was missing approximately 7 years of his […]

Owning Your Choice

In our individualistic society, we are encouraged to own our choice — to take responsibility for the choices we make and the implications and end results of those choices.  This all seems very logical and straightforward, until we start to think about how our choices may impact others. In yesterday’s Times Colonist, (Feb 14, 2016: […]

Chatting with Seniors

I’ve made an interesting discovery. I like seniors. Now don’t get me wrong, I never disliked seniors, I just didn’t know too many or get to hang out with them. But since starting to work at The Cridge Centre, I’ve had the pleasure to get to know many of our seniors when I am wandering […]

Concussion – Movie review

The Uncomfortable Truth about Brain Injury The truth is sometimes hard to hear – especially when it goes against popular thought, or against the heroes of our culture. Speaking the truth in those situations can be uncomfortable and even dangerous.  Uncomfortable truth is the story of Concussion, the movie about Dr Bennet Omalu. As the […]

The Gift of Generosity

Every day at The Cridge Centre, we receive — there are donations of money, articles or items, time, efforts, and prayers.  We are constantly being blessed by other people’s generosity.  It is humbling — and incredibly life-giving. We LOVE to receive — because we also know that it means we can give. We give every […]

The Gift of Home

by Candace Stretch The Cridge Transition House for Women (CTHW) is a place for families to come and be safe, after the immediate crisis of leaving violence in their home. Yet, it can be difficult for the women and children who come through our doors to feel at home at CTHW. Walking out of your […]

Our Jennie Butchart Garden

by Sarah Smith – Manager of Seniors Services I wanted to share a story about how a donation intertwined with some other great community partners to impact our program this past year. It all starts with Jennie Butchart. A brief history: Jennie and her husband bought the land at Tod Inlet for the limestone buried […]

Transition House Thank You

It is not often that we can talk about the clients in the transition house — their precarious safety means that we work under the strictest confidentiality. Taking photos and telling stories has to be done so very carefully. But today we have a lovely letter to share from a woman who stayed with us. […]