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Fort Victoria Welcomes the Cridges

by Monica Hammond There were about 200 settlers living in Victoria when Edward and Mary Cridge arrived in 1855, and about 600 settlers on Vancouver Island. The Cridges lived in Fort Victoria for their first year, while their parsonage was being built. Very early in their lives in this new community, they became aware of […]

Who were Edward and Mary Cridge?

by Monica Hammond Edward Cridge was born in England in 1817. His mother died when he was quite young, so he was raised in a single-parent family. After grammar school, Edward went on to get a degree in mathematics. In the same year that he got his degree, he passed a theological exam and was […]

Travel Back in Time with us!

Have you ever wondered why we are called The CRIDGE Centre for the Family? Or wondered how this organization was started? Maybe you want to know about the history of our gorgeous building and property? Over the next several months, we will be posting short excerpts from the book The Home: Orphans’ Home to Family […]

What is Cridge Respite Connect?

by Gyneth Turner   Connecting families of children with special needs to qualified respite care providers. The knock on the door came promptly at the appointed time, and the office door opened to reveal the eager face of the young woman who had submitted an impressive resume.  Jenna was hoping to find work providing respite care […]

More Than Making a Budget

— Marlene Goley The reality for many women escaping abuse is poverty.  They have been isolated, forbidden to work outside of their homes or develop marketable skills, often are left with big debts, and are trying live on income which is below the subsistence levels of government Income Assistance. There is little hope of seeing […]

Honouring Beacon Community Service Workers

— Sarah Smith (Manager of Seniors’ Services) Last month our Recreation Coordinator, Alison, planned a fantastic event to honour the Beacon staff members who provide all of the personal care to any of our residents who need it here at the Seniors’ Centre. This includes bathing, dress assist, laundry, breakfast preparation, medication management and so […]

The door is always open

by Candace Stretch The realities that women face when they leave an abusive partner can be stark. Women have to cope with finding housing, living on Income Assistance, being a single parent, dealing with the legal system… just to name a few of the challenges! Sometimes these stark realities can make the life they left […]

Gracious Gardeners

So plant your own gardens and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.    (Jorge Luis Borge) Dirty fingernails and calloused hands are not usually a source of pride…but in our Dovetail program, there is a new group who compares how rough their hands are. Who are they? A […]

Bluesheet Angels deliver strength, courage and kindness

Greg Goldberg Terry Driscoll was a client years ago at The Cridge Centre for the Family. Unfortunately, the family have had a very difficult time this past year. Their son died suddenly and Terry is now in long-term care. Cheryl has been completely overwhelmed with being responsible for everything. The Blue Angels, a group of enthusiastic brain injury survivors residing […]