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Technology helps women rebuild lives

Technology is an inevitable part of our lives now. If we aren’t emailing on our laptop, then we are checking the news on our phone — or looking for information on our tablet. It has become an essential way to communicate, to gather information and to live our daily lives.  So imagine what it would […]

Hanna’s Story: The Ripple Effects of Abuse

By Candace Stretch The ripple effects of living with a violent partner are vast for women. Experiencing violence and abuse on a daily basis can lead women into drug and alcohol dependencies, cause mental health struggles, and contribute to financial challenges. These ripple effects continue for women with children, as they face the challenge of […]

Stay Strong

We are blessed by every woman and child that comes through the doors of The Cridge Transition House for Women. And it is no surprise that the women bless and encourage each other to be strong. Imagine arriving at the transition house feeling frightened about what you just left behind and about the uncertain future […]

Making Lemonade after Brain Injury

After someone is blind-sided by trauma recovering a sense of self, and purpose in life, can be over-whelming. Six years ago, a brain surgery to remove a malformed cluster of blood vessels in Sara’s brainstem, irrevocably changed the direction of her life.  Due to the disabilities the surgery caused, she could not return to her […]

From a tent to housing… to home.

By Christine Wosilius It was a Friday afternoon in mid summer when a gentleman appeared on the steps of the Child Care building. I was on my way up to the main building, however since he wasn’t a familiar person I stopped to talk with him (for security reasons we always speak with new adults […]

A generous gift for a new building

by Monica Hammond In May 1891, The Home received the entire proceeds of the estate of John George Taylor – $32,500.00, which would be over a million dollars today.  This gave The Home enough money to buy a large site and build the three-story brick building that still stands today near the corner of Cook […]

Christmas Generosity in 1958

by Monica Hammond The Victoria community was especially generous to The Home around Christmas time. The notes kept by The Ladies’ Committee tell us that in 1958 that generosity was abundant. “A party for 22 girls was given by the Oak Bay Brownies and Guides. Each girl received a gift. Then all the children went […]

Christmas 1955 at The Home

by Monica Hammond The Ladies’ Committee kept notes of everything that was going on at The Home. Things were especially busy around Christmas. In 1955, the Shrine Band gave a Christmas concert at The Home. They brought a toy and a candy for each child. The B.C. Telephone Co. gave gifts for the tree, and […]

A Butchart Experience

by Candace Stetch This year 22 women from The Cridge Dovetail Program headed out to the Butchart Gardens. What a wonderful gift to arrive at the gate, and be ushered through with complimentary passes! Some women had  never been to Butchart Gardens, while others had been last Christmas. There was much chatter during the van […]

Government House shares Christmas with The Home

by Monica Hammond The time around Christmas was special at the British Columbia Protestant Orphans’ Home. Food, decorations and donations were always in abundance around Christmas. Many service clubs, like the Elks Lodge, the Junior Chamber of Commerce, the Harmony Club, the Salvation Army and the Shrine Club, took part. Even now The Cridge Centre […]