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Our Food: Fresh, Local & Healthy

Nik Milonas: Executive Chef of The Cridge Seniors Village Centre   When it comes to food there’s nothing better than something that is raised, harvested or produced locally. The benefits in procuring local ingredients for your table are many. To begin with, you help support our local community and economy. From agriculture to hospitality to […]

SunFun has a new look!

Davina Antonik: School Age Care Coordinator We are excited to unveil the brand new SunFun logo and tag phrase!  The Childcare Management team, in conjunction with a graphic designer from Mega Screen Studios, have been working throughout the New Year to create a super awesome visual to capture the meaning of our summer SunFun program.  […]

Who Do We Serve?

Do you ever wonder who it is that benefits from The Cridge Centre for the Family?  Who is served and where they receive these services?  And exactly how many are served in a year?  Wonder no more — check out our handy dandy infographic below to answer all your questions….  

A Sharing Economy

Let me start by saying that I moved away from Victoria in 1997 and that for the intervening time, I have mostly lived in the developing world.  So my perspective on Victoria and Canadian culture is not the same as someone who has lived here all their life. I have lived in places of great […]

Joy of Learning – Spring Break

Do you remember the excitement and wonder of learning new things? As we get older, we sometimes forget what an amazing thing it is to discover something new that surprises and amazes us. It is truly one of the great parts of spending time with kids — especially in an educational setting — to have […]

The Kindness of Strangers

The Reality of Domestic Violence for Immigrant & Refugee Women in Victoria Marlene Goley and Candace Stretch              The Cridge Dovetail Program provides emotional support, life skill development, counselling, connections to community resources, financial literacy, and social opportunities to the women and children that live in our Supportive Transitional Housing. […]

Testimonial from a Young Parent

Here are the words of one young parent who was supported by our amazing Young Parent Outreach Program. The Cridge YPOP has made a world of difference to my little family. I wasn’t driving and I was on income assistance with my daughter who was an infant. The Cridge YPOP  helped me get to the […]