Violence Against Women is Everyone’s Issue

This autumn will see a number of initiatives at The Cridge Centre to highlight the conversation around and educate people about violence against women.

  1. Orange Day – October 25, and the 25th of each month following, The Cridge Centre for the Family will participate in Orange Day, an initiative of the United Nations General Secretary Ban Ki Moon to end violence against women world wide. Orange t-shirts, orange candies, orange information posters and orange ribbons will ensure that the message – it is up to all of us to end violence – is loud and clear. To learn more about Orange Day initiatives, visit the UNiTE website. If you’d like to know more about our Orange Day activites, please contact Candace Stretch for more information.UPDATE: Enjoy these pictures from Orange Days at The Cridge Centre
    1. January 2013Lynn can always be counted on to greet people with an orange day outfit and a great smile.
    2. January 2013It\'s all about your style - creative Guy and cuddly Arlene pause from their tasks to pose for Orange Day
    3. June 2013Dave positively glows in his Orange Day safety vest ... kind of makes you wonder what it would take to keep women and girls this safe.
    4. June 2013Assistant Manager of Seniors\' Services Steve includes reference to Orange Day in today\'s tours of The Cridge Village Seniors\' Centre.
    5. June 2013Orange Day each month includes signage, orange candies, and great participation from Lynn and Arlene.
    6. June 2013Making administration bright - great work, Barb & Linda!
    7. June 2013Fabulous Gyneth from The Cridge Respitality Service participates in Orange Day without giving up her sense of style!
    8. March 2014
    9. March 2014Shannon had trouble choosing just one reason to wear orange.
    10. March 2014
    11. March 2014Lynn speaks for those who dare not speak for themselves.
    12. March 2014
    13. March 2014
    14. March 2014
    15. March 2014
    16. March 2014
    17. March 2014
    18. March 2014
    19. March 2014
    20. March 2014
    21. March 2014
    22. March 2014
    23. March 2014
    24. March 2014
    25. March 2014
    26. November 2012 Even the artwork is observing orange day along with Lynn at reception
    27. November 2012 CEO Shelley Morris & Executive Assistant Pat Bailey meet on Orange Day as every day.
    28. October 2012CEO Shelley Morris adds an Orange Day pin to Nik Milonas\' chef whites.
    29. October 2012 The administrative offices - including CEO Shelley Morris, Executive Assistant Pat Bailey, Accounting Specialist Barb Middleton, Receptionist Lynn Busby and Bookkeeper Arlene Cruz - turned Orange for the cause.
    30. October 2012 Organizer (orange-izer?) Candace Stretch (Assistant Manager of Womens\' and Family Services, second from right) joined with school age care staff to show the orange spirit.
    31. October 2012 Orange Day is a pan-Cridge endeavour, as evidenced by the many orange t-shirts worn in The Cridge Childcare Centre.
    32. October 2012For those people who don\'t own an orange shirt, orange ribbons and buttons helped to spread the word.
    33. October 2012Social change begins with what we teach our little ones.
    34. October 2012In each class room, chilcare staff showed their orange colours in their own way.
    35. October 2012Visiting The Cridge Transition House for Women - one way we work to end violence against women every day.
    36. October 2013Enthusiastic participation by children on our School Age Care program gives us great hope for the future.
    37. October 2013Orange Day - it\'s not just for shirts anymore!
    38. October 2013We so appreciate our clients who support the Orange Day initiative.
    39. October 2013\"Look natural.\" \"Now smile.\" \"Just pretend I\'m not here.\" Lynn and Candace share an Orange Day lunch break.
    40. October 2013Shannon and Tina grin and bear it ... having their Orange Day picture taken, that is.
  2. White Ribbon  – The Cridge Centre will be coordinating a number of White Ribbon campaigns across the city. The campaigns will kick-off on November 25th, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and will culminate on December 6th, The National Day of Remebrance and Action on Violence Against Women. White Ribbon campaigns allow male leaders to take a pledge against violenece against women in all its forms, and encourage other men to do the same. The White Ribbon campaign reinforces that violence against women is a societal issue, not a women’s issue. To hold your own White Ribbon campaign in collaboration with The Cridge Centre, please contact Marlene Goley for more information.
  3. Dr. Jackson Katz – Renowned anti-sexist male activist Jackson Katz will be speaking Nanaimo on November 26th and 27th. Dr. Katz is an American educator, author, filmmaker and cultural theorist who is internationally recognized for his groundbreaking work in the fields of gender violence prevention education and critical media literacy. The three scheduled events are a special opportunity to hear Dr. Katz and learn from his innovative and successful work to end violence. The events are sponsored by The Haven Society, and include a free public evening session, a male leaders’ breakfast, and an afternoon session for those working in the social services field. To register of for more information, please visit The Haven Society website.

In the meantime, Dr. Katz has produced a list of 10 THINGS MEN CAN DO TO PREVENT GENDER VIOLENCE: Please read, talk about, and share the ideas on this poster with the men in your life.


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2 Responses to Violence Against Women is Everyone’s Issue

  1. Sandra says:

    A few years ago I took my childen and left an abusive partner. We have thrived since then in so many ways. Today Dec 6, 2012 I realized just how much as a family we have grown. This morning my 14 year old son came down stairs in his suit that he will only wears to hockey, but today he was going to school. I asked cause it is so unlike him why the suit. He said oh some of us are doing this to show our support today. Not still putting it all together I drove past his high school and didn't notice people dressed up. Then I found out. Some of Nanaimo's fine young men dressed up today at school to show support and respect to the women who lost their lives 23 years ago today and in respect and support of Dec 6th as it is know now. I was proud of my son and all the young men that dressed up today even if their friends did not. Raising respectful young men who are against violence against women is a great way to Stop violence against women.

    • Sandra, thank you so much. For your courage to raise your children in a safe place’ for raising a young man who stands for what is right, and for honouring us by sharing your story. With people like you and your son in the world, speaking out against violence, we can hope to end violence of all kinds.

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